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Myrna Bushell Is Devon’s Very Liberal Democrat

by | 27th, July 2007

jessica18-kissogram.JPG “HELLO handsom.” Oh-oh. It’s the LibDems at the door again. No. It’s not letter-box high Sarah Teather MP peering through the slit. It’s Myrna Bushell.

Not today thank you, we chime. But Mrs Bushell is persistent. She drops a note through the door. “Vote LibDem and make Bideford a more liberal and democratic place to live.”

There’s a picture and small print: “Jessica – Kissogram Stripogram and Stripper entertainer.” There’s a link to a website. She works for you: “Entertainment Service: Kissogram, Stripogram, Poetrygram, Boxing Ring Girl, Promotional Model, Model, TV-Media Presenter etc…”

The flyer finishes: “If you are an adult-related TV company Jessica would be your ideal candidate…” Vote Bushell.

Such is Mrs Bushell’s manifesto. She’s not afraid to get her hands dirty, or covered in baby oil. She will reach out to the people of Devon and whatever it takes. She will dress up a schoolgirl to show her commitment to education, if needs. She can be a

Wedding Bride, French Maid/ Sexy Waitress, Sexy Biker, Sexy Nurse, Headmistress, Devil Lady, Catwoman, Jungle Jane, Sexy Secretary, Miss Whiplash, Cowgirl, Miss Santa, Sexy Horseriding lady, Vampiress, Witch, Army Girl, Bunny Girl, Sexy Gypsy Lady etc…”

njessica127a.jpgMrs Bushell enjoys interacting with members of the general public and operates an open-all-hours chatline. For a mere £1.50 a minute, constituents can call her and say whatever they please.

With the key demographics covered, Mrs Bushell cannot fail. And she doesn’t, romping home in the council elections. Mrs Bushell stood for election along with her husband, Mel, in May and both won a set with 468 votes and 518 votes respectively.

But some of her liberal colleagues are not all impressed. Tony Inch, his brother Simon and deputy mayor Caroline Church have quit the LibDems in protest. They will now sit on the council as independents. “We believe that our integrity and principles will be compromised if we stay,” they tell the Telegraph,

And here is Noel Thompson, chairman of Torridge and West Devon Liberal Democrats telling us: “People acted in good faith, and the Bushells might have intended to join the party, but they are still not paid-up members.

Could Mrs Bushell be kicked out of the party on a technicality? “As far as we are concerned,” says George McLauchlan, clerk to Bideford Town Council, “There has been no contravention of the code of conduct, because this does not impinge on her duties as a councillor.”

Says Mrs Bushell: “There are elements here that run deeper. The reason I do them is to pay my bills and be able to spend quality time with my family. It’s not incompatible with being an elected councillor and it’s not illegal.”

So she can stay in the party. Stag, Hen, LibDem, you name it…

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