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Big Brother: Ziggy Pets And Latest Betting Odds

by | 27th, July 2007

ZIGGY is very fond of Chanelle.

Readers of a certain vintage will recall The Secret Diary of Adrian Mole Aged 13 ¾and the part where the teenage Adrian learns that his mother Pauline is “very fond” of him.

People are fond of inanimate objects, like shoes and a favourite tie. Ziggy is fond of Chanelle.

This would not be so damning if we had not seen Ziggy professing undying love for his pet dog Molly.

Anorak professes little love for animal kind, unless they are rescuing us or flame grilled and smeared in a rich pepper sauce.

But there is a suspicion that in letting Molly lick his face and shedding a tear when they were parted by circumstances beyond their control (insert Lara’s Theme here), Ziggy wooed many Big Brother watches. Sat at home with an animal on their laps or handbags, these people identified Ziggy as one of their own.

Although Ziggy’s new fanbase has yet to influence the betting market with his odds on winning becalmed on 49-1.

If only Chanelle were covered in fur then maybe Ziggy would love her. A fur ball Chanelle would need to depilate fast. It would give her something to do instead of whiiiiining.

Chanelle has been sat on the Diary Room chair telling Big Brother that she was prepared to walk out of the house. She wants to go. She demands to go. “Leeeet meeee goooooo!” And how we will Big Brother to say “OK” ping open the door and let her free. No goodbyes. No shoes. No chance to lick Ziggy’s face.

Chanelle’s moaaaaning seems to have has influenced the market with her price to win in to 7-1.

But tonight she in for a shock. Charley will leave. This is certain. She is 1-50 on. The shock will be the arrival of six new housemates.

And they might not all be human…

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