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Robert Murat Used Ex-Wife’s Address To Rent Car

by | 29th, July 2007

MORE from Paulo Reis, Anorak’s man in Portugal.

Robert Murat used his ex-wife address in Hockering (Norfolk),UK, to rent a car on May 12, the birthday of Madeleine, according to the French language blog SOS Madeleine. Murat said that he needed the car because “English people who are looking for the little girl need to borrow my car. They need to put information posters on it”, according to one of the employees of “Auto Rent III”, quoted by “The Mirror”.

Murat took the blue Hyundai Getz at 17h16, May 12 and a friend returned the car on May 15. SOS Madeleine published a picture of the renting car papers. The French blog SOS Madeleine says also that the miles registered with the renting company were “quite a lot” but it quotes a source close to the company that admits the possibility of a mistake, in the registration of the distance the car has been driven. The renting contract only has the number of miles the car had registered when it was taken by Robert Murat. The Auto Rent III agency at Praia da Luz doesn’t have a computer system and documents are handwritten.

The reason Murat gave, when he hired the car, was different from a later justification from Tuck Price, his friend and spokesman to the Press. On June 5, Tuck Price told “The Resident”, a English language newspaper published in Algarve, that Murat needed a rented car because “police had asked him to come to Portimão to help with their investigation. One of his cars was being repaired and the other was being used by his mother, so he had to hire a car to get himself to Portimão. The police know this and are not investigating it as suspicious.”

Mario Rocio, an assistant at Auto Rent III, told “The Telegraph” that Robert Murat “was acting suspiciously” when he phoned her, to ask for a car: “There was something in his voice. I thought he needed a car in a hurry.”

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