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George Bush Can’t Deny BBC’s Nick Robinson

by | 31st, July 2007

THE BBC’s likeable political editor Nick Robinson stands out from the press pack.

As he writes of the press conference between Bush and Brown:

If you watched the news conference, you may have noticed Mr Bush’s warm greeting to me… He said to me, clearly remembering our last encounter, “you still hanging around?”.

At a news conference in Washington last year, the day after the Iraq study group report was published, I suggested that his response would lead some to believe that he was in ‘denial’ about Iraq.

At the end of today’s briefing, the president looked at me, sweating in the swampy conditions, and said, “next time you should cover your bald head”. I made the fatal error of answering a quip with a quip: “I didn’t know you cared”. To which the president said, quick as a flash, “I don’t”.

Robinson is not shy in telling us about the first meeting. He links to a story on how it played out in the US media:

“Long live the British press!”declared Dan Froomkin in his White House Watch column for The Washington Post. ”In contrast to the small-bore questions American reporters posed,”wrote Froomkin, Robinson and another British correspondent had both ”cut right to the central issue of the president’s credibility.”

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