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Tony Blair And The Blarios Are Having A Whaler Of A Time

by | 2nd, August 2007

blair_barbados.jpg“WHERE’S Tony Blair?” goes the popular cry. (Pic: Beau Bo D’Or)

No sooner has Tony left his post than his weather machine goes haywire and there are sharks swimming up Tewkesbury highroad. There are bombs in London. Glasgow is missing a departure gate.

We would have Tony back if only we could find him. And the good news is that Tony has been tracked down to Barbados.

The Express spots Tony and the Blairios on holiday. It sees “wide smiles”, which seems an unkind comment in light of Cherie’s daring work with a black swimming suit.

The Blairs are holidaying at Sir Cliff Richard’s estate. It is the fifth year running that Tony and his band have stayed at Devil Woman Towers. (“The idea was to do a good deed for someone doing a terrible job,” says Sir Cliff.)

Tony is aboard the Sea Dog, a 20ft Boston whaler owner by his friend Russell Chambers.

He looks relaxed in what the Express calls a “snazzy new pair of purple-patterned swimming shorts teamed with a favourite old blue polo shirt”.

He’s on the boat and headed for… Who knows? He may just stay on the boat. New Labour: Noah Labour. Tony knows…

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