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In And Out: Big Brother Shakes It All About

by | 2nd, August 2007

charles_gray.jpgYOU put a housemate in. A housemate out. You put a housemate in. You shake Shanessa all about.

You dash to the Diary Room and let the tears flood out and then we start all over again…

Does anyone care for the halfway house? There have now been 24 housemates in Big Brother 8. Remember Leslie? Jonathan? Seány?

Right now we have Kara-Louise who wears a puffball skirt. These went out in 1982, about the same time yuppies and the upwardly mobile stopped giving their children double-barrelled first names and began naming them Angel, Apple and Armani. The brand became all.

Kara-Louise is 199-1 to win the show. She has no chance. Indeed, with her two first names she has barely half a chance.

And then there is David. He wore interesting eye make-up when he entered the house. He looked edgy with his kilt. He is sadly no more likeable than Seány (remember him yet?). Liam and Ziggy have taken an instant dislike to him. David looks not unlike Charles Gray, the actor who played Blofeld in Diamonds Are Forever.

normal_bb8david.JPGIf David is looking for someone to play the part of his white cat, to sit on his lap and be up for a stroke, Gerry seems very available.

And then there is Shanessa. She arrived wearing an outfit rarely seen away from the end of the pier during summer matinee season. Shanessa tells the world that she looks “dirty”.

If readers of the Daily Sport vote on Big Brother, Shanessa might win. But they don’t. They are too busy using the phone to call premium rate chatlines to speak with women who look like Shanessa. She’s out to 269-1 to win.

But she might come in if she can pull Brian, a job akin to shooting cooking apples in jam jar with a blunderbuss.

If he goes to Shanessa, Brian will no longer be favourite (he’s 5-7 to win). Anorak suggests taking bet on Liam at a sold 9-2.

At the moment he’s out. But he’s bound to come in. Once he stops shaking it all about with Amy…

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