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In-Flight Wi-Fi On American Airlines

by | 2nd, August 2007

THERE is no escape. You can read about the baggage handlers’ strike, the hurricane and the onboard nutcase while eating your complimentary nuts:

AirCell announced its first customer this morning: American Airlines: AirCell won the coveted air-to-ground spectrum auction a year ago that gave them the right to a few scanty megahertz of spectrum over which they can deploy about 1.5 Mbps of throughput in both directions to aircraft in flight. Data service via Wi-Fi will be available; cell calling and cell data isn’t in the mix given that the FCC decided to continue an 850 MHz cell frequency ban, and the FAA doesn’t have a plan or a decision on the “airworthiness” of cell phones. We’re safe for the moment, as AirCell can suppress VoIP service, too.

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