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Madeleine McCann: Making A Meal In Belgium

by | 3rd, August 2007

madeleine-mccann-suspect.jpgPOLICE in Belgium have issued a computer image of the man seen with “MADELEINE” McCann close to the Dutch border.

No lazy eye. No cigarette. This face does not look like Robert Murat, the case’s chief suspect. Not even if you draw glasses on it. This man has been seen with a brown-haired British woman. They have both been seen with a child who looks like Madeleine McCann.

“Dramatic breakthrough in search as kidnapped girl is spotted in Belgium,” says the Express on its front page. No circumspection. Just fact.

And, of course, this is no less or more dramatic than those sightings of Madeleine in Morocco and Malta. No less dramatic than when the Dutchman’s picture with an ‘X’ marking the spot where Madeleine’s body could be found. No less dramatic than when Robert Murat was shut in a room at the police station with three of the McCanns’ dining companions.

There is no little drama in the case of Madeleine McCann. But there are no car chases. No flashing lights. No arrests. The drama is all in the telling.

And so to this couple, eating at the De Pauze restaurant. The girl is with them. Police are carrying out DNA tests on the cup used by this “Madeleine”.

A witness is watching all. She’s a child therapist. She says the child is “nervous looking”. She calls the police. When she returns, the group has “fled”.

The couple and the child get into a Volvo with Belgian number plates with the letters VUV. They are seen “speeding off”.

The Express says “several witnesses” in the case remember seeing the little girl. “They said all three were acting suspiciously.” The police are asking questions. Memories are being jogged. Did you see the poor little girl with the swarthy man? It might be Madeleine McCann. Do you remember?

But why Belgium? The Express lists the “legacy of abuse” in Belgium. It mentions Marc Dutroux, convicted of child murder and kidnap. The efit doesn’t look much like him. And he’s in jail. The Express talks of Belgium’s “paedophile rings” and a “paedophile village”.

Madeleine has been seen in Belgium before. In June she was with a Belgian couple outside Liege cathedral. But now more was heard of her. Either the people in Belgium are mistaken or not all that observant, given the so many Britons saw Madeleine in Malta.

“MADELEINE ‘SEEN’ IN BELGIUM,” says the Mirror’s front-page headline.

This is big news. And, as the Express says, Gerry and Kate McCann are “being kept informed”. And they are off to visit Huelva in Spain. Not Belgium. Not yet…

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