Anorak News | Russia Salutes The Power Of An Imperial Flag: Pole Captured

Russia Salutes The Power Of An Imperial Flag: Pole Captured

by | 3rd, August 2007

DIZZY downs periscope and looks at a land grap beneath the ice:

I have to admit that when I heard the news about Russia claiming the seabed under the North Pole by putting a flag a down I couldn’t help but remeber an Eddie Izzard sketch about flags (see below). Of Eddie izzard is quite left wing, so the angle he took with his joke was an anti-imperial one, but amusingly still the other day Fimbles was on in my house and flags came up in that.

Fimbles, for those that don’t know is a children’s programme about this things that look like Wombles called Fimbles. Fiumbles find things and in the specifc episode one of them, I cannot remember which but it may have been Flori, found a castle. She put a flag in the top of it and said it was hers. One of the other said, and I paraphrase, “is that all you ahve to do to make something yours then? Put a flag in it?”. Yes was the answer.

So how long before someone writes into the BBC and complains that Fimbles is teaching imperialistic undertone to our toddlers?

On the matter of Russia doing what they did, I have to tip my hat to sheer brassneck genius of it. It’s also rather amusing that they would preempt the ice sheet melting due to climate change in order to get more resopurces which, if you accept the arguments, are the cause of the melting in the first place.

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