Anorak News | ‘Migrants Are Biggest Threat To Carp Stocks’

‘Migrants Are Biggest Threat To Carp Stocks’

by | 4th, August 2007


“The woman of 108 told to wait 18 months for hearing aid” – That’s the spirit. Something to look forward to in life…

“THE TRUE COST OF FAKING IT. Britain’s trade in counterfeit goods is booming. But few bargain hunters realise the real price of their designer fakes is child slavery, gang warfare and even terrorism”

“Migrants are biggest threat to carp stocks” – HEADLINE OF THE WEEK

“MEGAFLOOD. Bodies floating down the street, half of London under water and life reduced to medieval squalor. As a new film will show, last week’s floods could just be a taste of a far worse fate facing Britain”


“Fear of chaos and cancelled ops as 30,000 doctors start new jobs. DON’T BE ILL TOMORROW!”

“HERE COMES THE SUMMER! A mosquito which carries up to 23 infections including West Nile virus and dengue fever could soon be in Britain”

“Bowel cancer of just one glass on wine per day”

“I lay there watching as the surgeon stuck a needle into my eyeball

“The bug that targets middle-class children. The young victims all come from clean, safe homes. So what’s the infection making them erupt in lumps” – Atypical TB? Or an allergy to 4x4s?


“The eight-year-olds who already smoke cannabis” – Bring back gin and fags

“Abortion for all. IVF at 60. Now ‘spare part’ babies. What a dangerous path we are treading” – Ruth Dudley Edwards writes…

“Junior doctor chaos could go on for moths” – But what of middle doctor chaos, senior doctor chaos, nurse chaos..?

“My wife had liposuction and she was dead just 48 hours later”


“Speeding, dropping litter or even forgetting to wear a seatbelt could land you on DNA database…for life! NO ESCAPING BIG BROTHER” – Unless you’re an immigrant, asylum seeker, benefits cheat etc. in which case you never get caught

“How known criminals are allowed to work in the NHS” – More than 1,000 people on the “criminal database may be working” for NHS. More DNA tests!

“Halt school wi-fi until health risks are known” – Says Phil Parkin, General Secretary of the Professional Association of Teachers

“PUPPY LOVE. Devastated by the death of her husband, Judith was persuaded to buy a puppy by her young son. And despite countless scrapes (and £15,000 in vet’s bills) this wonderfully wilful spaniel has finally given them a reason to smile again” – My and my Cavalier King Charles spaniel

“Oh boy! Why do sons leave such a trail of mayhem?” – Osama Bin Laden’s mum speaks


“Skating towards a police state” – maybe they’ll lock up Richard Littlejohn

“Superbug targets ‘will be missed’” – Article in The Lancet says Government targets to reduce infection of MRSA will not be met

“Parents alerted over the 94,000 toxic toys made in China” – Dora explores the emergency unit

“Two cancer patients die in hospital drug tragedy”

“Widow sacked by charity shop died ‘borken-hearted’”

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