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Argos Worker’s Facebook Doesn’t Fit

by | 8th, August 2007

unbranded-gold-ball-and-chain-cufflins.jpgARE you in employment or bonded labour? Can you speak freely of your employers in your spare time or must you always be on message?

That question to readers of the Sun who learn that “dozy” Argos worker Tom Beech has been sacked for criticising the company on his Facebook website.

Tom’s site – I Work At Argos And Can’t Wait to Leave Because It’s Shit – was created in a fit of pique.

And it was found by his “bosses” in just half an hour. They were displeased with Tom. He has been suspended from his £6.55-an-hour job in Wokingham, Bucks.

He was later summoned to a disciplinary hearing and sacked.

Says Tom: “I’m stunned they fired me for this. I had a really bad day and was feeling overworked and under-paid. My mistake was to sound off on Facebook.”

An Argos overseer tells the Sun that Tom was sacked for “placing inappropriate entries on Facebook”.

Indeed, dear reader, Tom was censored. The inference is that Tom would not have been sacked had he said good things about Argos, such as how the company’s jewellery does not engender the wearer with all the guile of a Russian sex worker and so forth.

The advice to the downtrodden worker is to stick to the tried and tested and unwind by getting smashed on alcohol and rowing with a phone box…

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