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What Links Gordon Brown, Weymouth And Foot And Mouth?

by | 8th, August 2007

foot_and_mouth_surrey.jpg GORDON Brown wants us to love Britain. (Pic: Beau Bo D’Or)

Gordie wants us to bleed red, white and blue British blood, to speak the Queen’s English, to have a Union Jack tattooed on our arses and to holiday in these fair isles.

Yet, according to a new survey by Mother & Baby magazine and Mothercare, holidaying by the seaside in Britain is nothing sort of a Great British rip-off.

Of the 2,000 parents surveyed, approximately 75 per cent said that a trip to the seaside cost too much, with basic hotel rooms costing £120 and ice creams going for £3. Overall, the parents felt “fleeced” even on a day trip to the seaside, which costs an average of £84.

Much of the dissatisfaction stems from the perceived lack of service offered to those with children. Indeed, almost 75 per cent of respondents think holiday hotels see babies and young children as a nuisance, with one in five claiming that they had been turned away by hoteliers simply because they had youngsters with them. And 66 per cent also bemoaned the poor quality of meals available for children.

Mother & Baby editor, Elena Dalrymple, says: “’It doesn’t seem British hotels have moved much beyond the Basil Fawlty model. All most families really want is a decent-sized room, preferably with en-suite facilities, good food for the children and themselves and a clean, welcoming environment. Surely that’s not too much to ask?
With so many threats now from terrorism to global warming, more families want to holiday at home.”

Blackpool emerged as the worst place for a family holiday, with Hastings and Bognor also faring badly. Wonder if we’ll ever see Gordie and family spending his hols in a three-star hotel in Bognor?

Brown cancelled his holiday in Weymouth (he usually goes to Cape Cod) because of the Foot and Mouth crisis, the root of which has yet to be established.

You don’t suppose… No. As if… Would he be that cynical?

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