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Ken Livingstone’s Triple Charge For 4x4s

by | 8th, August 2007

boris_johnson_mayor_london.jpgFROM his futuristic Thames-side bunker (see Beau Bo D’Or‘s pic), Red Ken is once again considering another fiddle with the congestion charge. And not surprisingly it’s the drivers of the infamous Chelsea Tractor that are in his sights.

Livingstone has announced a new consultation into potential higher charges for vehicles “that make the biggest contribution to global warming”.

These proposals would mean that drivers of gas-guzzlers could pay more than three times the current £8 a day charge while they could also lose their entitlement to the residents’ discount which is currently worth 90 per cent.

The result would be that drivers using large cars inside the zone would have to cough up £6,500 a year. On the other hand, the least polluting vehicles would get a 100 per cent discount and not pay any congestion charge at all.

Ken says: “By proposing these changes to the congestion charging scheme, we are encouraging people to take into account the impact on the environment of their choice of car. The highest CO2 emitting cars – like some of the so-called Chelsea tractors, high-powered sports cars and luxury executive cars – can produce twice as many carbon dioxide emissions as the kind of car driven by the average Londoner.”

Time for the reintroduction of the Sinclair C5. And Boris Johnson…

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