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Don’t EU Forget: Referendum Newzzzzz And Gordon Brown’s Honeymoon

by | 11th, August 2007

major_and_chips.jpgTHE problem with the EU is that it is so incredibly dull. It’s not deliberatly dull, a ploy to lull us into a catatonic state while Hans and Peter and Lars talk of subsidies in a Belgian office block. Although it might be.

But at least the tabloid press try to get us excited. And EU Ref is on hand to interpret their fine words:

With that headline (Don’t EU Forget), no one could ever accuse the Sun of subtlety.

Thus, on the back of a general opinion poll which gives Brown a five point lead over Cameron, it picks up the response to a referendum question. This shows a massive 81 percent in favour of a referendum on the new EU constitution treaty, with 66 percent strongly in favour of a poll. Only 17 percent agreed that Parliament should decide.

Devoting its lead editorial to the issue, the paper notes that Brown is halfway through his honeymoon period, head and shoulders above Cameron in almost every department. More than half of voters think Brown is more trustworthy than the Tory leader.

But, says The Sun, “that trust will ebb away if he fails to honour Tony Blair’s promise of a referendum on the EU constitutional treaty. And then the honeymoon will be well and truly over.”

EU Ref makes its point. But it is wrong. Most of don’t understand what the EU constitution means, much less be bothered to actually get dressed, get down to the polling booth and vote on the thing.

Brown’s honeymoon period will be over soon enough, whatever he does.

Comment Central remembers one other honeymoon:

1. John Major eats chips! The decision of the new Prime Minister to dine in a Happy Eater restaurant was regarded as an indication that here was a man of the people. Within a couple of years the same meal was being satirised on Spitting Image and taken as an indication that the man had no style.

More peas, Gordon?

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