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Lebit Opik To Follow Cheeky Girls To Romania

by | 14th, August 2007

lembit-opik-cheeky-girls.jpgGOD speed the Cheeky Girls. As the Sun reports, the fright-show twins are jetting back to their native Romania.

But Gabriela and Monica are not returning home to open a language school – “I touch my bum, you touch my bum, we toucharamus our bums etc. – but to be remodelled.

The twins say that the £12,000 boob jobs they had in London left them with different size lumpy breasts.

With hindsight, getting one pair each would have been best. But now the twins are taking their “asymmetrical assets” to Romania’s Artis 3 clinic.

“Monica’s implants are really bad,” says plastic surgeon Ovidiu Iva. “The surgery she had last year was completely unsuccessful.”

Says the girls’ mum Margareta: “We have no idea how much it will cost but the important thing is the result.”

Gabriela’s lover, Lembit Opik MP (aka Beaker), is reported to be joining her shortly.

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