Anorak News | Great Western’s Platform Poet. Sally Crabtree’s ‘Handbag Of Happiness’

Great Western’s Platform Poet. Sally Crabtree’s ‘Handbag Of Happiness’

by | 14th, August 2007

mexico2.jpgYOU turn to the commuter on your right. You make eye contact. Oh dear. She asks what you do. You can’t remember. It’s been so long since the First Great Western service from Penzance to London set off you have all but forgotten your purpose. Did you have one? Is there one?

Numb with commuting, you repeat the question. She seizes upon it. “Sally Crabtree is an established writer and the creative force behind many successful novelty projects,” says the person with the pink hair. “As well as writing, Sally is a talented singer, songwriter and performer. She lives in Cornwall and is much in demand for literary festivals and children’s events.”

Just when you thought commuting could get no worse, here’s Sally Crabtree. She’s the “pink-wigged pocket Venus from Cornwall”.

Sally will sing and recite over sounds of the passing trains, reports the Mail. Miss Crabtree, 42, has worked in schools and libraries.

“Sally has been delighting audiences at festivals both here and abroad with her colourful performances of the ‘Poetree’ – a magical copper tree whose fruits are the most strange and wonderful imaginable! Pick something off the tree and listen to the song or poem it inspires. Dip your hand into the Handbag of Happiness, taste edible words, create a poetic objet d’art or take a peek into Sally’s poetry bazaar and discover a world of words you never knew existed!”

Whose Lines Is It Anyway?

“Who wants a poem?” she asks. “Pick a word, any word and I’ll give yer a poem.” Words are suggested. There are suggestions as to what Sally can do with them if her talents extend to contortion and invasive medical procedures.

“To be the first official poet on the platform is a dream come true,” says Sally. “I am inspired by the reasons for our rail journeys – the human connection and stories involved. “

And while Sally brings joy to the journeyman humans, we learn that she is not to be paid but will receive free travel.

And we understand. And we realise that this might be a pilot scheme allowing passengers to barter for their tickets.

So here’s the office drone helping the ticket office with its filing system, the broker offering life assurance advice and the therapist holding hands and saying that if you picture your goal you will get there…

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