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Eye-Eye: Jennifer Aniston And Brad Pitt Make Eyes

by | 15th, August 2007

angelina-jolie-gl10.jpgJENNIFER Aniston. “Is she eyeing Brad?” Brad is wearing dark glasses.

Brad could be eyeing anyone. He might even be looking at his lover, the needlecord-armed Angelina Jolie. He might not.

With nothing to focus upon, the Enquirer says Jennifer is making eyes at Brad. And, for all we know, Brad could be making eyes at Jennifer.

They could both be making eyes at Angelina Jolie, who could be making eyes from marshmallows and stabbing them with a fork.
But Jen and Brad will not be getting back together. Not this week.
There are children involved. As the headline reads: “MADDOX STOPS BRAD & ANGIE SPLIT!”

Sources tell the Enquirer that had it not been for six-year-old Maddox, Brad and Angelina would have gone their separate ways.
The reports goes that since A Mighty Heart premiered, Jolie’s Oscar-suggestive scream therapy moment has been heard more than once, and not always in the Jolie-Pitt media room.

But now it’s all better. The couple are making eyes at each other…

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