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Harrriet Harman MP ‘Breaks Law Shocker’

by | 17th, August 2007

DIZZIE notes:

Leader of House breaks law shocker?!

If you’re a regulated donnee it is a requirement, by law, to register any donations over £1000 from permissable donors with the Electoral Commission within 30 days of receipt of the donation. This is in addition to the Register of Members’ Interests in Parliament which uses the same threshold of £1000 for sponsorship and financial assisance given to MPs.

It’s therefore I think interesting to note that the part-time Leader of the House of Commons, Harriet Harman QC, has registered seven donations with the Commons Register (which given the threshold set must value at least £7000) between the 17th and 18th July and yet has not, 31 days later, regsistered them in the searchable records of the Electoral Commission.

She has two Union donations, two personal donations, and three donations from her fellow Labour sisters, Margaret Hodge MP, Vera Baird MP and Nicky Gavron. In fairness to her, she does have what, four or five jobs, so she must be very busy.

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