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Always Read The Cartoon: Advertising Children’s Food

by | 21st, August 2007

DID Nic O’Teen stop children smoking? Did Superman? Charlie says never play in rivers, pull the heads off live chickens and poke your head into a tiger’s cage. Hedgehogs cross the road:

Sue Davies, chief policy adviser of Which?, said: “There are precious few examples of cartoons being used to promote healthy products. Our research shows that the majority are being used to encourage children to eat fatty, sugary and salty foods. We are calling on companies to follow the example of Warner Bros and Disney, and no longer use cartoons to promote unhealthy foods.

“With so many parents fed up with the amount of marketing aimed at their children, it also makes commercial sense for cartoon brands to distance themselves from unhealthy food products. Regulation should be put in place to protect children from all forms of irresponsible marketing of unhealthy foods, whether it’s TV advertising, packaging, free gifts or websites.”

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