Anorak News | David Beckham Meets His No. 1 Fan: ‘I’ve Read All Your Books’

David Beckham Meets His No. 1 Fan: ‘I’ve Read All Your Books’

by | 22nd, August 2007

david-beckham-misery.jpgTHERE’S a teenage girl in David Beckham’s room.

“BECKS AND THE TEEN BABE,” says the Star front-page headline. “Posh fury over hotel scandal.”

We know all too well that Day-vid would never cheat on his beloved. Might this girl be a chamber maid? And might we look forward to other headlines such as “Filipino Woman Strips Becks’ Bed!” and the subsequent confessional “I MISTED UP BECK’S SHOWER DOOR”?

But there is more to it. The Star says the “gorgeous” girl has bypassed security at a Toronto hotel, where Dave is staying with his LA Galaxy team-mates. She’s made it to Beckham’s bedroom door.

A source spots the “creepy girl”. Indeed, for anyone versed in American culture, the stalker is less likely to be a glamour mo-del than a heavy-set woman in the Kathy Bates mould telling Dave she is his biggest fan and has read all his books. She has knitted him some soccer boots from her hair.

Says the source: “She kept saying his name over and over and acted like she knew him… It was like something out of a stalker flick.”

And Dave rubs his ankle. And the crowd, the thousands who have come to see Dave bend it demand that he scores.

“You think I can just whip one out?” asks Day-vid.

“Oh, but we don’t think Paul, we know,” says the crowd…

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