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Circus Of Horrors: Big Brother’s Mikey And Gracie

by | 23rd, August 2007

circus_of_horrors.jpg“AUTHENTIC,” says the label on Mikey Dalton’s Y-fronts. And in an instant we know we are dealing with the real thing.

Were he wearing a vest, we imagine it would be secured within Mikey’s genuine briefs.

As it is Mikey, who appeared on last year’s Big Brother, it says in OK!, is sporting only a black leather House of Fraser jacket.

Liverpudlian Mikey is Man At Dingles. His expression is tight-lipped and studious, like a man contemplating a trip to his three-piece suite bathroom or else looking over the bumper of his nearly new Rover 75.

To his rear is Dingles Woman Grace Adams-Short, Mickey’s Dingley Belle.

Or make that, ladies and gents, boys and gels, I bring you Cirque de Celebrité’s Grace Adams-Short.

Grace was the star of that show. Granted, she’s not a celebrity, not really. Nor is she is much of a circus performer. If she did put her peroxided head into a lion’s mouth, the creature may choke to death on the smell of hairspray and glue. And, no, she is not French Canadian.

She is Grace Adams-Short. And she’s lying on the bonnet of a car (looks like a Vauxhall Vectra), cradling her authentic man.

“We like doing young and sexy shots,” says Grace, offering a word to the wise for those who might mistake this photo montage for stale and anodyne. “And we love posing for photos that aren’t cheesy.”

So if you are a photographer who can help Mikey and Gracie branch out of their current mode, get in touch.

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