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Big Brother: See Chanelle Hayes Doing Great In 2008

by | 24th, August 2007

CHANELLE Hayes. She’s here. She’s there. She’s in her underwear.

And Chanelle is not just for now but for Christmas, when she will still be famous. Really. No joke. Chanelle is working on her official 2008 calendar.

She tells the Daily Star: “I’m loving doing all these shoots and stuff but I don’t think I will ever be a real model. I just don’t think I am pretty enough. Who’s going to want to look at me?”

The question is who is going to want to look at her come April next year when Chanelle’s calendar is in fame’s bargain bucket with Cute Kittens 2008, Pete Bennett 2006 and Jade Goody (2002-2007).

If Chanelle is to achieve a more lasting fame she needs a more lasting talent. So here she is on the Star’s lead page (dressed in matching knickers and bra set) alongside the headline: “CHANELLE & ZIGGY’S SECRET NIGHT OF SEX.”

The Star trusts its readers not to tell Ziggy (119-1 to win) that Chanelle is planning to woo him over a bottle of champagne and a copy of their OK! magazine contract.

Chanelle has belatedly realised that walking out of the house in a tizz put an end to Chiggy, her wet-blanket of a relationship with Ziggy.

“Things did get hot and bothered with all that kissing,” says Chanelle. “He’s a good kisser.”

And she wants more of the same. A “source close to the blonde” tells the Star: “There’s no way Ziggy will turn down a night with Chanelle. He’ll have the time of this life.”

Ziggy has had around 50 nights with Chanelle. We watched them all on CCTV.

Why he would now want to have a secret night with Chanelle is open to debate.

But Chanelle has pencilled him in for later this week.

He won’t go tonight – Tracey will at 1.42, although Kara-Louise offers better value at 2.54.

Ziggy will go after both of them. Tell Chanelle he’ll be free on Tuesday. She can catch up with him then – if she can run fast enough…

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