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Big Brother: Vote Samanda Or Pay A Terrible Price

by | 27th, August 2007

samanda1.jpgIF you stare at the TV long enough you too will succumb to the charms of Samanda and her sister Samanda.

And do you hear? The blonde twins, 19, are being lined up for a music deal targeted at the teen market, according to what tabloid types call “BB insiders”.

The twins sang dressed as Katie Andre in a task at the weekend. The twins. Katie and her gigantic Jordans. Geddit?

We listened. And then we began to believe. We belieeeved. Do you belieeeeve? Samanda are favourites to win. Samanda is in to 2.7 on the Betfair markets.

Happy days. And the weather is balmy. The sun is out. Before Samanda was the No.1 the days were moist, the nights dark and cold. We had not seen wet and wind like it since Johnny Morris talked with the animals.

Vote Samanda to win, or pay terrible price in storms and all manner of strange happenings…

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