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Big Brother Betting Odds And Free Bet

by | 28th, August 2007

SAMANDA (Mark I and II) and Brian are dead certs to finish the show in the top four. All are 1-50 on. Past them there is Liam. About as complex as the wood he prunes, Liam would be happy if he were kicked out now. With £100,000 tucked in his canny pocket, and a duet with Ziggy on the way (you heard that here first), Liam will meet loadsa canny lasses and have a canny time. He’s 1.6 to finish in the lead quartet.

All that can stop Liam is Ziggy, who by rights should win the show. Ziggy entered the house some time in 2001 as a charmer to date all eleven women. He achieved this without lewdness, crudeness or embarrassment. He then managed to pull the better looking housemate. Sure his expression is careworn, his skin showing signs of acid peel fatigue, but he is a survivor. And at 2.56 for a top four spot, he’s worth a look.

Behind him is Jonty. At 10-1, Jonty is a bet too far. Intended to be Big Brother’s David Gest, the plug-headed former Mr Liza Minnelli who charmed us on I’m A Celebrity, Jonty has largely communicated by a series of bum trumpets and belches.

And then there is Carole who we are told needs to win because she lives in an upturned shopping basket in Hackney. This should have no bearing on her chances. Big Brother is all about what occurs in the house. At 17.5 on the markets, she will be next to leave (1.41), a canny lass pushing along a cart full of tin cans…

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