Anorak News | Students Use Their Noodle And Get Cheap Mobile Calls

Students Use Their Noodle And Get Cheap Mobile Calls

by | 30th, August 2007

“Students are paying an arm and a keg for mobiles every year – forking out the equivalent cost of 114 pints of ale.”

The Sun is right. The tabloid press remains a bastion of truth.

The article goes on to say: “Over £20million every month is being screwed from penniless studiers through unsuitable mobile phone packages, says research from new mobile phone service provider Noodle.”


“Despite most of the £1.8million undergraduates already being neck deep in debt, over half already roll up to uni signed up to a mobile phone contract.”


“Attempts to keep in touch with loved ones means they quickly use up their free minutes and every month spend over £19 extra on calls, the same as a year’s water gas and internet bills or 23 takeaway pizzas.”

Noodle has stripped out expensive packages and so-called ‘free minutes’ so customers pay for call time, and nothing else.

And this leaves the mobile phone user free to spend their cash on whatever they chose. Being Noodlers, that most likely means a pension plan, high-interest paying bank accounts and bargains…

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