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VB Day: Victoria Beckham Wins!

by | 3rd, September 2007

posh_beckham.jpgMONDAY is usually a slow day for news, and it looks like the Sun’s prayers were not answered this morning.

Unless, that is, they prayed for the weakest ever story about the Beckhams.

The headline is a bit odd for a start (“My Victoria is so Very, Very happy”). And to make it stranger still, each “V” has been printed in a different colour to the rest of the text.

Then there’s the story…

“Victoria Beckham looks like she’s initially made a name for herself in America – as she is snapped in a ‘V’ shape as she opens the door to her 4×4.”

Come again?

“Victoria Beckham looks like she’s initially…”

Ah, now we get it. “Initially”… Very good.

Well, not that good really. The accompanying picture shows Victoria’s familiar pouting face, as viewed through the gap between the windscreen and the open door. This has been cropped so the two pieces of metal form a sort of ‘V’.

The sort of V, that is, that needs three hints in the headline, an explanatory sentence and a good deal of judicious picture editing.

And that’s Very, Very, Very poor indeed.

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