Anorak News | Big Brother’s Chanelle Hayes And Ziggy Lachman Are Buzzing

Big Brother’s Chanelle Hayes And Ziggy Lachman Are Buzzing

by | 4th, September 2007

chanelle-ziggy.jpgHEAR that? That’s the buzz. And Big Brother’s Chanelle’s Hayes is tuned into it.

“We didn’t get to sleep till gone 3am,” says Chanelle on the Star’s cover page. No wonder. The celebrity buzz sounds like a mosquito at close quarters. One day Chanelle will never sleep at all and will be forced to resort to prescription drugs and daytime telly to gain any respite from fame’s demands.

For now though she is relaxing in the arms of her lover Ziggy. “We both really want to give this a go,” says Ziggy.

And there is much more to say. On page 2, Chanelle says: “It was a really magical night of love …but both of use feared we would be called into the Dairy Room.”

Chanelle was worried that she was being watched. “Then I remember I went to the bathroom and closed the door behind me. I heard this click and I jumped, thinking a camera was homing in on me.”

Relief to find herself wrong and that the Star has not delved into more esoteric fetishism, it’s photographer remaining in the hotel room proper waiting for Chanelle to emerge dressed in a thong and dry hump Ziggy.

Pages 5 and 6, Ziggy is “THE PERFECT HUNK”. And like a young Antony Armstrong-Jones he cuddles his Posh bird, aka Chanelle.

Ziggy pops open the champagne and kisses his lover on the head.

And we hear the buzz as the flash gun warms up once more…

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