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Oakland Crimespotting Is A Job for Paul Ross

by | 10th, September 2007

IF you look up your new street on the web and find it dubbed “the Murder Mile” or “the frontline”, be warned. What you gain in ammo and access to recreational drugs you lose in property prices, TV and car stereos.

In Ameria, a company has designed a service that plots crime on a map. Handy. Says Oakland Crimespotting:

Our map view is completely explorable – it’s possible to pan and zoom, select date ranges in the past, and view specific kinds of crimes. You can also share links directly to a particular view of the map, which is important for sharing and publishing information. If you don’t have the required Flash plug-in to view the interactive map, we have a browseable crime database with maps in image form for combinations of dates and types of crime.

We believe that this map-first approach is a valuable and sensible way to publish information for people to use – everyone knows how to find their house, school, or workplace on a map, but few people remember relevant details such as the city council district or police beat these places occupy.

Not to long before its here. But what about a CCTV show of your area, featuring crimes? It’s local telly. It’s a job for Paul Ross…

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