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War On Terror: Jude Law Sues For Peace One Day In Kabul And Britain

by | 12th, September 2007

jude-law.jpgTHE War on Terror is an ugly war.

From Richard Reid to Omar Bakri and Abu Hamza, the faces of terror have instilled fear in all those who have gazed upon them.

Osama bin Laden – big dark eyes, long lashes, plump lips, caramel skin and newly blackened beard (get his Just For Jihadists range of cosmetics at a cave near you) is not bad. But he lacks dimensions.

So much for the enemy. And now the Allied forces have launched a propaganda offensive. Indeed. Jude Law is in Kabul.

Law’s “MISSION” is profiled in the Mirror, which journeys with Law as he makes his way to the war-torn city.

Last year, Law was in town to film a documentary. Jude saw a boy. “I asked him what the word peace meant and he didn’t know… He just grinned and said he liked the sound of it.”

It is not known if Law addressed the boy in English. But the envoy knew he could not leave things there. He saw babies, impoverished and underfed. “As a father,” says Law, “that was so painful.”

Law is working with Peace One Day, a group founded by Jeremy Gilley eight years ago. In 2001, writes the Mirror, the UN created a resolution to establish a global day of ceasefire.

That day in September 21. And while it may be a good day for insurgents to mount an attack, it is hoped the day will be observed – just as other UN rules are observed, such as that which made the US-led invasion of Iraq illegal.

The Rule Of Law

In any case, Law feels safe in Kabul. “I felt there was no way they would want the blood of a film crew from the West on their hands,” says he. News, indeed, to Daniel Pearl and other media workers who have been murdered by the Taliban and al-Qaeda.

“But I never felt really scared,” says Law, who is guarded by “security guys” and stays in a UN compound. “I suppose, it’s amazing how quickly you adapt and cope with something. That’s what the Afghan people do.”

Law has a rare empathy with the locals. Although he admits that while there he never heard a single shot nor a bomb go off.

But for Afghanistan, read the UK. As Jude says: “Peace Day is also about writing a letter saying sorry or apologising to your father.”

And: “We are seeing huge amounts of violence on the streets of Great Britain, the kind of which maybe has never existed before.”

World War II veterans nod, so too survivors of the miners’ strike and historians versed in the English Civil War.

“If they can do it in Afghanistan…then surely they can do it here.”

We may not know how to spell “peace” but thanks to Jude Law we know that it has a special day…

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