Anorak News | Global Warming: Blackpool Zoo Primates Agonise Over Tory Policy

Global Warming: Blackpool Zoo Primates Agonise Over Tory Policy

by | 13th, September 2007

john-prescott-sex.jpgWHAT does the Labour Party do on the carpet? And bear in mind that John Prescott still serves as MP for Kingston upon Hull East.

It’s just that the Times reports that at this year’s Labour Party conference in Bournemouth, the red team will be “recycling the carpets”.

Are we to believe that this represents a departure from the norm and after each Labour conference all carpets trod by the great and good are ripped up and replaced?

What are they hiding?

Are there traces of illicit substances in the thread?

Are the carpets cut into squares and auctioned off, like Wembley turf? This is your chance to buy a square inch of ground touched by Hazel Blears? Capet your guest toilet with Ed Miliband.

The Times does not illuminate us. And we go on to learn that at its conference, the Conservatives will give waste paper to Blackpool zoo.

What price the view as the Pygmy Goats ruminate on the Tories’ economic policy and Pileated Gibbons are handed typewriters to see if they can produce a superior manifesto.

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