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Quaility Of Life Report Omit Vibrators & Other Aides

by | 13th, September 2007

DIZZY notes: that the Quality of Life reports leaves out dildos?

Ooohhh controversial title Dizzy I hear you say, but honestly, I’ve just searched the Quality of Life report and there is not a single mention of vibrators and dildos. Now you may wonder why on earth there ought to be, after all you might think, what does a woman’s (or a man, must be inclusive) ability to achieve an orgasm through the use of a sex aid have to do with the environment for a start. But surely sexual pleasure is a quality of life issue no?

But even more so, have you ever considered the massive environmental damage that vibrators and the plethora of sex toys available actually have? Seriously, check out this article in Zac Goldmsith’s Ecologist (mentioned in passing in a moaning anti-Cameron letter to this morning’s Telegraph). The way I see it if it’s good enough for the Ecologist then it should be in the Quality of Life report he drew up? After all,

From a purely ecological standpoint, many vibrators and other sex toys don’t pass muster. They can be made of PVC and contain phthalates – cancer-promoting and hormone-disrupting chemicals. PVC also promotes a great deal of waste in its manufacture, and phthalates – which have been banned in children’s toys but not in grown-up toys – take a long time to break down. The lubricants necessary for the use of many sex toys can contain synthetic substances derived from petrochemicals and are likewise unsound.

There are better alternatives. Glass dildos, as a single example, are beautiful, hygienic and temperature-responsive. Unfortunately, like every other aspect of modern life, sex has become a plastic wasteland; and the Rabbit, for all its efficiency, is a big, brutal, ugly machine that requires a woman to be lubed up like a Ferrari before it can be comfortably, even safely, used.

It’s very simple, you want a quality of life policy, then how about scrapping VAT on glass dildos? Honestly, I’m sure many peoples’ quality of life could be massively increased if they could get a break on the cost of glass butt plug, and think of the saving to the planet! Think of the Children! or lack of – Ed

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