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BritBlog Round-up 135

by | 18th, September 2007

BritBlog Round-Up 135. Clairwill writes:

First up is The Whiskey Priest wondering what the hell has happened to his party. Fellow Lib Dem, Jonathan Calder is also unimpressed with Ming’s no referendum stance. Lingering a little longer with the Lib Dems we have a 17th aniversary souvenier special from Lord Bonkers.

Next we have The Lady Of Shallot making her debut at Olly’s Onions with a very educational post about primitive man.

Liberty and Learning brings us a thoughtful post on the aniversary of the September 11th attacks on the Twin Towers.

Chicken Yoghurt and A Big Stick and a Small Carrot bring us more on the plight of the Iraqi interpreters, while Norman Geras takes a philosophical look at the McCanns situation. Katy Newton just wishes everyone would shut up.

Burning Our Money wonders what the £2billion spent on NHS dentistry is actually spent on and has worrying news for those (un)lucky enough to have an NHS dentist.

A View From Middle England takes a look at the Northern Rock’s cashflow problems.

Central News brings us depressing and worrying news about a sex offender

Bishop Hill has a few choice words for Michael Rosen on the subject of education

Tigerblog brings us footage of a spot of bother at the speedway.

Suz Blog cast a sceptical eye over Conservative plans to give the public a say in selecting their candidate for mayor.

More on the Lib Dems from Elle Seymour who looks at their leafleting habits as does Chris Paul . Anyone in the printing game would be well advised to get friendly with Lib Dem HQ.

The Wardman Wire treats us to a hilarious spoof video. Crossing your own drive is a risky business . Though perhaps not as risky as upsetting this fellow . Also on The Wardman Wire is this article on citizen journalism , some statistics for online video and the first in a planned series of posts to mark the aniversary of the publication of the Mohammed cartoons.

Finally if this round up has left you wanting more pop over to Chicken Yoghurt for extracts from the 2007 Blog Digest or pay a visit to the Scottish Round Up. Better still do both.

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