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The Andrew Pelling Challenge: Tory, Labour Or LibDem?

by | 21st, September 2007

andrew-pelling.jpgANDREW Pelling, MP for Central Croydon, has been arrested for allegedly assaulting his wife.

There now follows a test of your political instinct. We will deliver the facts, as told by the Times, and ask you to guess which political party Mr Pelling represents.

He is 48. His wife is 26. She is seven weeks pregnant. She is called Lucy.

When Mr Pelling met Lucy he was married to Sanae Umeda Pelling. Lucy was in his employ. Mr Pelling is a former investment banker.

He ended his 14 year-marriage to the mother of his three children when she was visiting her dying father in Japan. Although in the Express this marriage lasted 18 years. Also the Pelling home worth £600,000 in the Mail rises to £700,000 in the Express. But that’s the housing market for you.

Sanae says: “He treated me like a doormat. As far as he was concerned I was there to raise his children and cook his food.”

As the Mirror reports, Sanae claims her former husband posted money through her letterbox to avoid seeing her. She once said: “Once my children ran out to catch him before he left but he drove away. They were in tears. They couldn’t understand how he could choose a woman half his age over them.”

Those are the facts, such as they are represented.

And you realise that Mr Pelling is a Labour politician. No, not really. He’s a Tory. But he could be from either party.

Although not from the LibDems, who are too old and, as the reaction to leader Menzies Campbell’s conference speech proved, too clapped out for such goings on…

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