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Madeleine McCann: Bushra Binhisa, Bouchra Benaissa And The Irishman

by | 27th, September 2007

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• Girls in Morocco is NOT Madeleine
• Police insists: We know she’s dead

It’s heartbreak, but for whom? The McCanns, who remain suspects, or Daily Express readers who want our Maddy found?

The Madeleine lookalike seen in Morocco – we’ll she’s blonde-ish – is Bushra Binhisa. She bears a “striking resemblance to Madeleine”. As we say, she’s sort of blonde.

Pages 8 and 9: “It’s terrible this is not Madeleine.”

“I saw that little face. It was her,” says Spanish tourist Isabel Gonzalez. She saw a blonde toddler in Morocco. “I screamed at my husband for him to stop the car…but by the time we had stopped and jumped out, the woman and the girl had disappeared…I was in tears, distraught, and I felt totally powerless. I am a mother so I can imagine what Madeleine’s parents must be going through.”

“Police take a swipe at parents” – a Police Judiceria source says the McCanns are trying to deflect attention away from themselves.

A senior police source says the McCanns are using “diversionary tactics”.

DAILY MIRROR front page: “I am Not Maddy.”

No, the little girl remains Bouchra Benaissa. Or she might be Bushra Binhisa (see Express).

Pages 4 and 5: the Benaissa family have six cows, several goats, a small olive grove and vegetable patch. Their home has three bedrooms and a wood-burning stove. Neither parent is a doctor.

THE SUN front page: “ANGUISH FOR KATE. Morocco photo was local girl Bouchra.” She is aged 3. In the Express she is aged 5.

Page 7: Ahmed poses with his wife and daughter Bouchra. Says he: “I am very sorry the little English girl is still missing and hope she is found safe and sound.”

Two more women say they have seen Madeleine in Morocco.

Fatima Marzouki, of Birmingham, says she saw Madeleine in Agadir. There are rumours she is being held in a caravan there by an Irish traveller called John. Her friend Helen McPherson thinks she saw Madeleine in Marrakech.

DAILY MAIL front page: “The truth about that Maddie photo.”

Pages 10 and 11: “No, she isn’t Madeleine.”

DAILY STAR front page: “MADDIE STILL IN HOLIDAY RESORT. Morocco pic NOT her..cops says she NEVER left Portugal.”

Pages 4 and 5: “LITTLE GIRL THE WORLD PRAYED WOULD BE MADELEINE.” It’s Bushra Binhisa again. Where’s Bouchra? What have they down with Bouchra?

Page 6: “Forget sightings…Maddie was killed in room say police.”

THE TIMES page 3: “Found – but it’s not Madeleine.”

Clarence Mitchell says: “This Spanish couple did the right thing and we urge others to do the same.” So if you see ‘Madeleine McCann’ you too should go to the papers and appear on the radio.

THE GUARDIAN page 15: “Spanish tourist’s claims of Madeline sighting in Morocco proves false.” Carla Torres, the Spanish tourist, says “It either is her, or she’s got a twin sister.” Do all blonde children look the same to Spaniards? The plot thickens.

THE INDEPENDENT page 6: “McCanns despair as picture of girl in Morocco is child of local farmer.”

DAILY TELEGRAPH front page: “Child pictured in Morocco is not Madeleine.” It’s Bouchra Ben Aisa. She looks a lot like Bushra Binhisa and even more like Bouchra Benaissa.

But she is not Madeleine McCann.

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