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Steven Gerrard Come Or Comes A Cropper

by | 2nd, October 2007

SAYS England footballer Steven Gerrard: “The lad just came out of nowhere.”

We have heard Liverpudlian Gerrard speak on many occasions, and wonder if the actual spoken words went: “The lad just come out of nowhere”?

Whether the lad came out or come out, there must be some debate. But there is no escaping the awful fact that the lad, Jamie Halliwell, has been struck by Gerrard’s car. His leg and hip are “smashed”.

Gerrard is, understandably, upset. But is he at fault?

The Mirror’s front-page headline offers: “STEVIE G RUNS DOWN BOY, 10.” The boy is called Jamie Hellawell. He may or may not be related to Jamie Halliwell, Gerrard’s victim in the Sun.

A witness says “Gerrard’s car wasn’t going fast”. Another witness says: “Steven was driving very slowly when a young boy ran out and hit the side of his car.” And Gerrard’s testimony we have already heard.

But the Sun reminds its readers that Gerrard has a conviction for careless driving. It tells one and all that in 2004, “he was fined £1,000 and given five penalty points for driving without due care and attention”.

Has this any bearing on the matter? For reasons not immediately clear, the Sun says Gerrard owns a Bentley Continental an Aston Martin and a Jaguar. The Mirror says the Bentley is worth £175,000.

Let it be known that the Bentley is now damaged. Hwo much the repairs will cost is not said. But the other cars are good to go.

As is Gerrard…

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