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Global Warming: Winter Sun Get-Aways To The Arctic

by | 3rd, October 2007

GLOBAL warming has many guises. And now the Express reports that it has done for David Bowman’s pumpkins.

“I’ve never known a year like this one in 35 years of growing pumpkins,” says farmer Bowman. “It rained and rained and they hated it.”

Bowman’s pumpkins need heat. He’s got them indoors in a bid to make them turn orange, the vegetables sat on sunbeds getting fake bake in time for Halloween.

But there is another remedy. As the Independent reports on its front page: “RECORD TEMPERATURES IN ARCTIC HEATWAVE 22 DEGREES C.”

Steady on Stelios. The runway has yet to be rolled out on the melting tundra. But the hope is that the Arctic can be the breadbasket of the world, and rival Tenerife for winter sun.

True enough it will be the only part of planet Earth above the waterline, but think of the pumpkins.

“’Exceptional’ heat demonstrates scale of global warming in Arctic,” says the Indy’s headline.

That’s the good news. And it gets better as the Indy notes that the North-West passage is finally clearing.

On August 21 this year, the North-West Passage around the top of Canada was “opened to ships not armed with icebreakers for the first time since records began”.

An easy journey means less power needed and less oil burned. And the chance to get goods Made in China direct from source delivered on a slow boat to Leeds-on-sea.

Anchors away!

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