Anorak News | Madeleine McCann: Paulo Rebelo, Six More Kids And Clarence Mitchell Says

Madeleine McCann: Paulo Rebelo, Six More Kids And Clarence Mitchell Says

by | 10th, October 2007

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Three Portuguese police are looking over the McCanns’ holiday apartment

Page 11: “FINALLY..THEY GET IN THEIR TOP MAN” – Paulo Rebelo is on the case.

Says Clarence Mitchell: “Kate and Gerry hope Mr Rebelo will now work to eliminate them from the inquiry as suspects and will then be in a position to refocus his team in the search for Madeleine”

First things first. Prioritise

Mitchell goes on: “Clearly we hope that a new head of the inquiry will work to ensure the unsubstantiated and unfounded allegations surrounding the case will now end”

The Mirror says it is “claimed four more children were in the McCanns’ holiday flat on the night Madeleine vanished”

THE SUN front page: “6 kids in flat with Maddie says ‘tec”

Page 6: “MADDIE TEC’S BIZARRE NEW CLAIM – 7 kids left in McCann flat as doc pals dined”

Paul Rebelo is Portugal’s “number 2 cop”. He is not Portugal’s “top man” (Mirror), but at least whoever that is can help with the case should Rebelo fails to produce a body

Jane Moore: “Keep Diana oddballs away from Diana” – one mysterious blonde looks very much like another

DAILY EXPRESS front page: “Madeleine: Seven children were sleeping in McCann apartment, claim police”

Page 9: “Another amazing claim by the police: Other couples’ children were in Madeleine’s apartment”

It is a “bombshell”. It could “destroy the credibility of the group – now dubbed the Tapas Nine” – who say their own children were in their own family apartments

Clarence Mitchell says: “If you put seven children together, you’re going to have a far harder time getting them to sleep then three”

We await a re-enactment

Says a “high-ranking Policia Judicaria officer: “Unless we are dealing with a sexual predator who had been following this little girl for quite some time, which is not probable because they had only been in the Algarve for six days, it would be highly unlikely she [Madeleine] would be chosen. In crimes of this nature, the criminals always look for younger children because they are easier to sell”

And easier to get off to sleep, right?

DAILY MAIL page 25: “Madeleine ‘was left in room with six other youngsters’”

“It’s utter rubbish,” says Clarence Mitchell

Portuguese newspaper 24 Horas tells of “significant evidence” that seven of the Tapas Nine’s eight children had been in the McCanns’ apartment on May 3

DAILY STAR front page: “MADDIE – COME BACK AND FIND BODY – new cop tells parents ‘return to Portugal’”

The McCanns have been “ordered back to Portugal”

Page 7: “Parents and pals face quiz on damning evidence – NEW MADDIE COP: BRING THEM BACK TO PORTUGAL NOW”

Chief Superintendent Chris Stevenson, who “snared Soham killer Ian Huntley”, is in Portugal. He’s making a show for Channel 4. It’s on the telly tonight. Will he crack the case in time for a live! sensation?

DAILY TELEGRAPH page 11: “Police in fresh search for McCanns’ apartment”

Seven Portuguese officers are in the flat – or three, as the Mirror reports

The McCanns have hired their own forensic experts to challenge any DNA evidence linking them to their daughter’s disappearance

THE TIMES front page: “Madeleine: DNA tests for British tourists”

Detectives in Praia da Luz want all British tourists who were there when Madeleine McCann disappeared to provide DNA samples and fingerprints

Page 3: “Madeleine detectives ask for British tourists’ DNA” – this “suggests that detectives cannot rule out the possibility that a stranger might have stolen the child from her bed”

Robert Murat is not mentioned

THE GUARDIAN and THE INDEPENDENT: No Madeleine news today

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