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Jose Mourinho: Grab Your Coat, You’ve Pulled Sting

by | 12th, October 2007

I CLOSE my eyes (I close my eyes) and stand there grinning (Ooo-ooo)… I can’t stop winning…any bed will do…

It’s Jose Mourinho. Grab your coat, you’ve pulled. And if, as the Sun reports on its front page, you’re called Elsa Sousa, you’d best grab an overnight bag and a change of kit. As the papers reports: “JOSE’S SECRET AFFAIR – he cheated on wife for two years.”

Can this be true? This is Jose who called his son Jose Junior, who married Matilde, who called their daughter Matilde. They are the embodiment of Mourinho’s desire for two champions in every position. This is a youth policy based on replacements for each of the star players.

But now he upsets the unity by introducing a play maker, his “stunning blonde mistress”. He calls her “princess”. She is his special one.

As the papers say, Mourinho and Ms Sousa try out new formations. It is experimental. As a source says: “They did very naughty things together. Mourinho is a very sexual man. He particularly likes making love to Sting.”

Sensation upon sensation. Sting is not here to respond to such wild claims, and for now we stick with Sousa.

The report says Mourinho and Sousa played around while he was manager of Porto. He met her while coaching the small town club Leiria, and, as is the way with new signings, when he went to a bigger club, he took his favourite with him.

“Yes, yes, it is all true,” says Sousa to the Sun. And you can read about it in a book Sousa has written, which she is touting to publishers.

And what is more, Sousa says it was she who chose Porto over Benfica. “Having to choose one of the great rivals, he put the decision in the hands of Elsa, asking her where she would like to live.” She chose Porto. “Mourinho turned FC Porto into the club it is today.”

And we consider what role Sting had in Chelsea’s rise to prominence…

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