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Pole-Vaulting For Allah: Atilla Ahmet Meets Michael Moore

by | 12th, October 2007

CAN Atilla Ahmet be the new face of Taliban terror in the UK? Can he take over where “mad mullah” Omar Bakri and hook-handed Abu Hamza left off?

Atilla has the name. He has the beard. He lacks an obvious deformity. But he does have a theme song.

As the Sun reports in “Hey Mr Taliban come and bomb England”, Atilla is a fan of Harry Belafonte and entrained children at a party at the Jeamah Islamic School, East Sussex, by singing that headline lyric.

The next line of the bananas song goes: “Before daylight come you wanna see 10 Downing Street gone.”

The Telegraph takes up the tune, in a round-robin format. Perhaps the Taliban could work on a version of London’s Burning. But for now:

“Come mister Taliban, come implement shariah.

“Come mister Taliban come bomb England, before the daylight come, inshallah it will be done.”

Atilla really is showing promise. And his infectious creativity is encouraging the newspapers to raise their game, and come up with headlines such as the Times’: “Terrorist camp recruits went paintballing and pole-vaulting for Allah.”

Pole-vaulting for Allah… Is that a working title? Has anyone told Michael Moore?

It’s all looking good for Atilla. But then the bad news. Attilla is in jail. He has already pleaded guilty to soliciting to murder.

And so the hunt for Britain’s grinning loon goes on…

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