Anorak News | Daily Mail Says Only One Quarter Of Germans Admire Nazis

Daily Mail Says Only One Quarter Of Germans Admire Nazis

by | 18th, October 2007

SURVEY of The Day: Daily Mail Nazis

“A QUARTER of Germans believe Nazi rule had its good points,” says the Mail.

Only a quarter? Indeed. Was it not Daily Express owner Richard Desmond who told his peers at the Telegraph that Germans were “all Nazis”?

What’s changed?

A look at the details revels that Germans were asked whether National Socialism had positive aspects, such as “the highway system, elimination of unemployment, low criminality rate and the encouragement of family”.

Of those respondents whose families survived Germany’s streamlined public transport system, purge on unemployment and criminals, sons and daughters of the Joy Division that spread a superior family seed across Europe, 25 per cent said “Jawohl!”

The survey, carried out by Stern magazine, came in response to comments made by Eva Herman, a talk show host who opined that while “there was much that was very bad” about das Herrenvolk there were good things, “for example the high regard for the mother under the Nazis”.

The Mail, whose former owner Harold Harmworth praised “Adolf the Great” and produced the 1934 article “Hurrah for the Blackshirts” does not comment. It only reports.

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