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Catnapper Sought: Cat Thief Purges Bramley Crescent

by | 19th, October 2007

THE cats from Bramley Crescent, Southampton, are gone. A portent of doom, or a sign that Christmas is coming and furry gloves will be in high demand?

The Mail journeys to Bramley Crescent and notes that seven cats have gone missing. The owners of six of them have each received a letter. It is a “disturbing and sinister twist”. The missive is from the “person responsible for the disappearance of your cats”.

While the owners appeal for help, contact a PR and David Beckham appeals, we read on.

The letter says the cats have been taken to a remote location and set free. Says cat owner – get his – Ellie Catto: “It makes me so angry that someone feels that they have the right to take our cats like this. In the letter it talks about the cats intruding on ‘my family’ and ‘my garden’ but what about my kids?”

What of them, Mrs Catto, if that is your name? Have they intruded on a neighbouring garden? If they have, Holly, Abigail and Amos had best tread carefully.

The letter goes on: “If you are lucky enough to get your cat back…. The second time they get caught in my garden, THEY WILL BE DESTROYED.”

It’s tough stuff. A villainous act. A desperate act? But do we sympathise with the catnapper? Would you stomach the call of “PUSS PUSS”, “BLACKIE” or the drug-suggestive “TOOTY” as you take an evening gin and tonic on the decking?

How much can a man take?

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