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Let’s Play Immigration Bingo

by | 23rd, October 2007

IT’S Immigration Bingo in the tabloids.

The papers have seen a report by Cambridge University professor Robert Rowthorn (heritage on application) who says by the year 2074 the UK’s population will have swelled to an impressive 81million.

The Express says fertility rates, immigration and the Rogarians (“numbers from Romania and Bulgarian are set to grow”) will all make the nation greater yet.

This good news for property prices and occupancy rates invites the Daily Express poll du jour: “Is Britain letting in too many migrants?” Chances are high of a perfect 100 per cent vote to the negative.

But what of the numbers? Eyes down for full houses:

  • 4.7: The fertility rate for Pakistani women (Express)
  • 21m: The Mail leads with “DO WE HAVE ROOM FOR 21M MORE?”
  • 80m: “Population to soar past 80m,” says the Mail above news of Saturday’s lottery results
  • 75: The population will be “at least this high” within 40 years
  • 15m: The Sun says “15million more people in Britain”
  • 2: This is like building “two new cities the same size as London” – fantastic. Imagine the culture, the art, the music! Small wonder the papers are excited…

The only downside comes in the Independent, which counters the upbeat mood to lead with: “Asylum-seekers ‘are left to starve’”. Headlines follow: “It was like being animal”; “I was harassed and abused”; “a blemish on our record of providing sanctuary.”

But don’t be put off. Read the tabloid headlines. Come one and come all. And bring some rent money…

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