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Global Warming: Human Development Versus Mother Nature

by | 24th, October 2007

MALIBU is burning. It’s a Flaming Malibu, a heady combination of coconut, rum and Britney Spears’ house bricks. And the Al Goreans are drinking it in.

The fires are not the result of the aforesaid Spears’s clothing or two downed power lines, rather it is: “Mother’ nature’s revenge against human development”.

So says the Independent, which report that fires are part of the “long-standing clash between natural weather cycles and the whims of human development”.

Indeed. We humans should not develop, or evolve. “This is mother nature versus human nature,” says Bill Patzert, a climatologist. “It’s about too much development and too much fire suppression building up fuel for the past 50 years…In some ways this is the great war that will be fought here in the 21st century.”

It’s the Hollywood blockbuster where the unassuming man with conviction wins the day. (Calling Matt Damon.)

Patzert does not stop there. So keen is the Indy to let its readers hear the man speak, he arrives in another story to say: “Not one of those McMansions is worth the life of any firefighter.”

Cancel Damon. Get me Ben Affleck…

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