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Britney Spears Carrie’s On With Her New Guy

by | 26th, October 2007

DID Britney Spears start the fires in Malibu? Do we fear the worst on reading the Star’s headline: “I’M GONNA SET FIRE TO KEVIN”?

Is this a remake of Carrie that went wrong? Went right?

“Remember, remember, the firth of November,” says the Star, holding a bacon upon the date Britney Spears plans to torch her ex-lover.

It is said that Spears plans a Bonfire Night party at her home and is urging her “fellow bunny-boilers” to produce effigies of their former flames to toss upon the pyre.

So it’s goodbye, K-Ferret. Goodbye Justin Timberlake. And goodbye Prince Andrew. Sarah Ferguson is on the phone. Says she: “I’d love to talk to Brit. I feel sorry for her. I want to tell her, it’s all okay. We could be friends.”

Britney could nestle into her dirty pillows…

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