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President 2008: Chris Dodd Cuts John Edwards And Fox News

by | 26th, October 2007

POOR old John Edwards, no matter what he says or does it always comes back to the $400 haircut.

The latest jibe comes in a campaign ad for Democratic hopeful Chris Dodd…

A couple of folksy barbers somewhere in middle America chat about Dodd’s wonderful career while Dodd jokes about whether these tough political battles contributed to his white hair. It’s all a bit saccharine, and bit more forced than Bill Richardson’s witty

Then, after Dodd walks into the barbershop at the end of the video, he gets his little dig in, “How much are these haircuts?”

Boom! Boom!

Meanwhile, the Caucus blog reports that Fox News has sent a cease and desist letter to John McCain’s campaign.

The channel is upset that McCain’s team is using Fox News footage of McCain’s moment of glory during this week’s Republican debate, when he attacked Hillary Clinton’s support for a Woodstock Museum, in a campaign advert.

Fox News argues that debate footage cannot be used for political purposes. But the McCain camp is holding firm and will air the ad again tonight–on the Fox Sports channel ahead of the World Series game.

Does that mean Fox News will have to send a cease and desist to Fox Sports as well?

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