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Arrange Me A Marriage, Aneela Rahman

by | 29th, October 2007

ANEELA Rahman is the “Asian Cilla Black”, says the Times. We have not heard Mrs Rahman sing, and the published picture shows her with mouth shut, so hiding her teeth from view. Her hair is black.

But Aneela Rahman will be fronting a BBC TV dating show called Arrange Me A Marriage.

(What will it be: Number 1, Number 1 or Number 1?)

Says she: “For many non-Asians meeting someone is quite random, in a bar or a club, but you wouldn’t buy a house or car drunk, so why would you expect to find a life parent like that?”

Portraying the British people as desperate drunks is beyond reproach. Mrs Rahman has done her homework. But we wonder why the show is needed, given that so many couples already meet and marry not in pub or clubs but on reality TV shows.

Are we ready for an Asian Jordan and Peter Andre?

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