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The Lego Jesus Of Sweden

by | 29th, October 2007

THE Lego Jesus Of Sweden:

Writes the Croydonian:

They do things differently in….Sweden

“A church in Västerås is asking parishioners to donate enough pieces of white Lego to create a life-size statue of Jesus. A local priest is leading the drive to construct a white plastic Jesus in the central Swedish town”. Source. No indication as to whether it will be an Ecce Homo, Man of Sorrows, Salvator Mundi or a Majestas Dominiis, but presumably not a pietà.

Despite the use of ‘priest’ to describe the man of the cloth, it is far from clear whether he is a Catholic, (Lutheran) Church of Sweden or another denomination entirely. Must say it does not sound like something I imagine Martin Luther would approve of.

Anyway, here’s the punchline: “And the priest was insistent that the statue should be made up only of white pieces, as anything else might be considered tasteless”.


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