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Madeleine McCann: Fnideq Arabs, Naoual Malhi And The Eternal Blonde

by | 3rd, November 2007

MADDY WATCH – Anorak’s at-a-glance guide to press coverage of Madeleine McCann

DAILY MAIL front page: “MADDIE ‘I know where to find her’”

“As the McCanns mark six months without Madeleine, the Mail visits the remote Moroccan village that may hold the key”

Know: “A grim, soulless place where a dusty sea-wind whistles constantly through the narrow streets and the darkened bazaars seeth [sic] with intrigue, the Moroccan town of Fnideq is Africa’s last settlement”

Is Madeleine here, in this outpost of Hell?

“Tragically, the sight of a cute-looking child clinging forlornly to some strange adult hand is no great rarity here”

Like in the Bluewater Shopping Centre, Kent, on a Saturday afternoon? Or still worse?

“Last month, however, by grace of her blonde hair, apple cheeks and a milky complexion, one little girl looked so strikingly different as she was swept along Fnideq’s teeming streets in the clutches of a middle-aged Arab woman that someone finally took notice”

Oh for the grace of being blonde among so much seething darkness….

The woman? Why, it’s 24-year-old Moroccan Naoual Malhi. She’s pictured wearing an animal-print raincoat. She stares into the camera. Look into her eyes. She saw Madeleine. And now she is in the papers. And that reward remains on offer…

A man has also seen Madeleine, a blonde child with milky whiteness and apple cheeks. “Listening to the man, Naoual’s pulse quickened. Everything seemed to tally”

Madeleine: DNA ‘does prove her body was in McCanns’ hire car’ (Link)


“Maddy mum on 6-month anniversary”

A new photograph of Madeleine has been released (see picture)
Says Kate McCann: “Madeleine is a beautiful little person and the best place for her to be is with her family”

Page 5: “Please keep looking, please keep praying”


Not her own words in an exclusive interview, rather a selection of quotes from Gerry and Kate McCann dating back to May 3, when Madeleine went missing

Read them all here

And a new quote from Kate McCann:

“Six months is such a long time for a little girl to be separated from her family. We believe that our Madeleine is out there somewhere and retain hope that we can be reunited. Madeleine is a beautiful little person who deserves a loving and happy life. To ensure this there is no doubt that the best place for her to be is with her family.

“We know that somebody somewhere can make this happen.That somebody has the ability and power to bring back us back so much joy as well as bring peace to themselves. If you have any information relating to Madeleine’s disappearance or whereabouts please pass it on to 00 34 902 300 213”

Or call the press

THE SUN front page: “MY BABY – Kate please after new DNA blow”


“The anguished couple were last night rocked by leaked DNA results from a UK forensics lab, which were said to show: Four-year-old Madeleine’s body WAS in a car they hired 25 days after she vanished in Portugal

“Bodily fluids from the Renault Scenic appeared to have come from the youngster’s CORPSE

“BLOOD found in the family’s rented Algarve holiday apartment was also hers”

Says Clarence Mitchell: “This is yet another unsourced, unsubstantiated report and we simply won’t comment on it. Suffice to say that Kate and Gerry have absolutely nothing to hide”

DAILY STAR front page: “MADDIE: ‘SHE WAS KILLED IN FLAT – Parents’ new DNA shocker”


Here’s hoping the kidnappers don’t read the WORLD’S GREATEST NEWSPAPER” and move locations

Moroccan Majid Jazoili says:

“Two people I know saw a picture I carry with me of Madeleine McCann. They told me they had seen her with a family who live in a tiny village in the Rif Mountains. There are three women with daughters who each have a family of their own. There is also a grandfather who lives with them in the same house and lots of children. I don’t know what the blonde girl is doing with them. I called the number I had seen on the poster”

It’s a big reward. Expect more sightings…

THE TIMES: “Friends fear for Kate McCann’s fragile health

“Tonight the couple will come under the most intense public scrutiny since they arrived back in Britain when they attend a special service at the Church of St Mary and St John in Rothley, Leicestershire. They are expected to arrive just before 9.30pm, about the time they say their daughter was taken from their bed at the Ocean Club complex a few days before her fourth birthday”

A minute’s silence?

“They will hear special prayers being said for Madeleine and other missing children between 9.30pm and 9.45pm. By 10pm, the time Mrs McCann reported Madeleine missing, the couple are expected to be back home”

And Kate? Says a source: “Some days are absolutely fine, but on others there is a lot of crying. It is not just the loss of her daughter, it is everything that has happened since”

DAILY TELEGRAPH: “Detectives probe Madeleine McCann sighting”

Naoual Malhi, a Spanish woman of Moroccan origin, is in a taxi

And a new picture of Madeleine: “Wearing a pink and white striped T-shirt, her blonde hair is blowing across her face as she gives a cheeky grin to the camera”

Madeleine McCann is blonde. And missing

THE GUARDIAN: “Madeleine plea marks six months”

Francisco Marco, of detective firm Metodo 3, says: “We have a six-month agreement with the McCanns. We have already spent a month and a half working. I will find her before that period is up”


“A study in its own right, the coverage of the McCann case says much about the hysterical, media-fixated country Britain has become. The couple’s professional status and telegenic qualities practically guaranteed that they would become objects of keen media interest. It was, though, remarkable with what zeal the McCanns positively embraced their sudden celebrity and poured their energies into keeping themselves and their story in the headlines”

More to follow… 

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