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Nigel Hastilow And Bigotry The Left And Right

by | 5th, November 2007

NIGEL Hastilow, a candidate in a West Midlands seat, has been spaking on immigration.

Notes Dizzy: A Tory candidate says that uncontrolled immigration has irrevocably changed the country as Enoch Powell said it would, and bemoans ‘foreigners’ getting ‘red carpet’ treatment at the expense of locals. This results in Government ministers saying it exposes the “racist underbelly” of the Tory Party.

Meanwhile, the Prime Minister and his Government talk of “British Jobs for British Workers” – a calling card of the white supremest BNP for the past 30 years – and the same Government ministers don’t brief against the Prime Minister talking about his underbelly of racism, as such policies are ‘devoid’ of racism?

In order to understand this you have understand that for the Left it is believed they are incapable of racism. Whilst for the Right it is considered an inherent characteristic. However, the truth is, racism is not the exclusive ownership of one particular conceptual wing of politics, which is why racists can and do exist across the spectrum. Don’t expect many politicians to ever admit that though, such dispassionate honesty wouldn’t be politically expedient .

Boycott Israel now – as they say on the enlightened left of politics.


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