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Tender Moments With Sir Paul McCartney

by | 6th, November 2007

PSSST! Wanna see a picture of a 65-year-old man getting off with a middle-aged woman in a car? Save your money. The one’s on us.

The Sun has such a picture on its cover. It’s a “WORLD EXCLUSIVE”. It’s “MACCA’S SMACKER WITH A MARRIED CRACKER.”

Macca is Sir Paul McCartney. The cracker is Nancy Shevell. She is married to a “powerful lawyer”.

In “Beach strolls, breakfast and tender kisses” the Sun zooms in on Nancy and Paul walking along a beach on Long island. The beach is “windswept”.

“LONELY HEARTS CLUB SAND,” says the Sun. Macca resists the urge to throw Nancy to the ground and wrestle with her in the foamy waters. He is the older man. This is a “Stroll”.

Later Paul gets “A LITTLE HELP FROM MY FRIEND”. He is at an eatery with Nancy. Seated. What help she gives is unsaid. Perhaps she orders for him, or feeds him a blended breakfast from a spoon?

Such is the tenderness…

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